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Development Trend of construction machinery indust

Date:2014-9-24 9:45:55  From:HengGong

Recently, the Secretary-General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said Suzi Meng, China's construction machinery industry is a sunrise industry. Concentration of production in the industry, access to a relatively large degree of difficulty, the future needs of the construction machinery market will develop in the high-end, intelligent direction, the industry will become more standardized operation. Engineering machinery enterprises should develop endogenous growth and innovation for the pursuit of future market opportunities and challenges with an international perspective.
Industry was at the bottom of the development trend of stabilization
China's construction machinery industry is a very worthy Chinese people proud of the industry. Looking back on the course of development of the industry, China's construction machinery industry since its inception, has made including production concentration, and technological progress, innovation, great achievements asset restructuring, industrial structure optimization and other eight areas. Suzi Meng introduced China's construction machinery industry is a sunrise industry, there are still extensive mode of development, the structure is irrational, vicious competition more problems.
Sales of Chinese engineering machinery products supporting the emergence of negative growth in the second half before picking up; 2010 to 2011 in the first quarter, sales of industrial products is also negative growth, exports fell 42.6%, but the overall industry product sales growth up 13.85 percent. Development of the whole industry was at the bottom to stabilize the situation.
Size of the industry to break 400 billion China has become the world's largest construction machinery market
In recent years, as the most important part of China's equipment manufacturing industry, China's construction machinery industry is rapidly growing.
Equipment manufacturing industry, especially engineering machinery industry, is the basis for the development of China's national economy, is one of the country focused on creating strategic industries, but also the various sectors of industrial upgrading, technological progress is important to protect, it is the national comprehensive strength and technological level embodies.
In recent years, especially since the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's equipment manufacturing industry, especially the development of the mechanical engineering industry by leaps and bounds, and constantly improve and perfect the industrial system, technological innovation capability significantly enhance its international status and influence significantly improved; this Meanwhile, China has continued to improve the strength of enterprises. At present, China has become a global scale, a veritable equipment manufacturing powerhouse.

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