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Handan City Heng Engineering Metallurgical Machine

Date:2014-9-24 9:45:19  From:HengGong

May 27, 2014, a subsidiary of Hebei Handan constant work of Koa Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony at the new plant in Handan City into County Industrial Park Mall.
Handan City Heng Engineering Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Wei Benli, Mr. Heng, general manager of Handan City Engineering Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhi-Yong Wei, Mall Industrial Park Administrative Committee Secretary Liu, Peking University Guanghua EMBA representatives, building Eleventh Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Ma Gongyun Secretary, as well as representatives of Siemens and other customers around the country attended the opening ceremony. , Chairman of the company during Mr. Wei Benli, Mr. Zhi-Yong Wei, general manager of the company, the CMC Secretary Liu, Mr. Ma Gongyun Construction Group Secretary in too warm speech were made on Handan City Heng Engineering Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. opened warm congratulations.

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